The wonders of using Epoxy Resin to make art.

Using Epoxy resin to make art can seem very daunting in the beginning.  Words like “chemical” and “blow torch” and “expensive” can really scare away the curious beginner.  I think that perhaps it was those things that first drew me to giving it a try – because, really – who wouldn’t want to use a blow torch to make art!   Resin itself has also come a long way to being safer to use.  The “Art Resin” brand that I use has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) And is considered safe to use indoors.  This doesn’t mean you should throw your mask away though!  Everything that you add into the resin – even though its in small amounts – and even just using a blow torch in general creates fumes which can adversely affect your health.   But health aside,  it’s all the beautiful little chemical reactions that happen when you heat up and work with resin that make it all worthwhile.  I feel like a mad scientist mixing together different pigments and solvents in different ratios and consistencies to pour out and push around with a torch and heat gun to create the beautiful effects that are so interesting and somehow organic.  When you apply multiple layers of resin to a piece (each with it’s own different little effects) the depth you can achieve in your abstract piece is absolutely incredible.   You can literally stare at them for hours at a time – they almost seem to have the same fascination and movement of something that is not static – like fire or a waterfall.  The resin itself cures hard and shiny and gives your piece an illusion of weight and almost polished stone like finish.  As art it’s super durable and even washable! And it will virtually NEVER fade.   I encourage you to take the plunge, buy your self a resin art kit for a birthday present, watch some you-tube videos and dive right in.  Once you do your first pour you will be completely hooked – it’s called resin obsession for a reason 🙂

Jeana Lim

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