Portals into the worlds of souls


(Original Size: 84″x36″)

Fiery, Powerful, Cruel

Barely able to keep his turbulent thoughts under control Lucian only finds relief in fire.  For when something burns it’s very chemical make up is destroyed completely leaving only ash – the slightest reminder that something even existed in the first place.  Though many would disagree, the surest therapy for any of life’s problems is simply to watch them burn.


(Original Size: 84″x36″)

Fluid, Turbulent, Everlasting

Cordelia – literally meaning “from the sea” was born into this world months early while her mother was vacationing on a beach.  It’s as if the ocean was calling her out of the womb desperate for her to rejoin him.  For why would she leave him, so alone, to wander above in the mortal world. Her pervaded her lungs trying to regain her soul but she was snatched away and there she remains – so close yet so far.


(Original Size: 84″x36″)

Spiritual, Scattered, Whimsical

Never able to hold down a stable job nor able to settle down in a stable relationship Zoe flits from one interest to another like a honey bee in a field of flowers.  Wherever she makes an appearance (albeit a brief one) the energy is left brighter and happier as if her chakras align and lift the chakras of everyone around her.  Although… it can be frustrating to get her to follow through on commitments.


(Original Size: 84″x36″)

Bright, Fertile, Composed

Nothing can ruffle Louise’s feathers or ruin her day.  As an unfailing optimist Louise can always see the bright side to any situation – for one simply cannot have an adventure without adversity.  Even in the most tragic circumstances Louise can find solace in the beauty of the world and all the life growing and thriving in it.  Her plants are her best friends ever reaching towards the light. 


(Original Size: 84″x36″)

Adventurous, Daring, Outdoorsy

Even as a child Marco could never be kept indoors.  He would be out from sun up till sun down imagining himself in all sorts of adventures and quests discovering new lands and conquering fears.  From river rafting through the most dangerous rapids of the Grand Canyon to scaling the tallest mountain or climbing the steepest cliff there is no challenge that Marco will shy from. 


(Original Size: 84″x36″)

Soft, Refined, Safe

Born in poverty Felicity grew up appreciating the more subtle and simple beauties in life like a fresh spring flower or the perfect golden yolk of a fresh farm egg.  She believes that even the most rustic of spaces can be made beautiful by keeping things clean and organized.  Over the years Felicity has lovingly collected the most perfect things to accent her home and create her own safe haven. Hers. Each piece is an extension of her soul. Hers. 


(Original Size: 84″x36″)

Light, Dark, Conflicted

Outwardly Sorcha’s life is successful and put together. Inwardly she is torn between her desire for power and recognition and that nagging voice in her head that tells her to just run away and disappear.  Sorcha’s energies are constantly colliding into a mass of confusion and anxiety.  Every step forward is a step away from her utter extinction and the most paralyzing thought is being alive for eternity. 


(Original Size: 80″x36″)

Active, Successful, Unfulfilled

With multiple business ventures and an active social life Gerrard’s calendar is filled to the max. He has amassed a fortune, owns property all over the world and has dated some of the most beautiful women. But it is not enough… it is never enough.


(Original Size: 80″x36″)

Steadfast, Constant, Soft

Once her course is determined Laura rarely changes her mind. Rather than avoiding obstacles she flows over them wearing them down or pushing them out of her way. Usually – said obstacles – are totally unaware of her onslaught. They welcome her attention and diversion.

Original Sold


(Original Size: 80″x36″)

Calm, Fluid, Siren

Serena loves wealth and riches. Her old soul is no stranger to travel and change. She promises a better life and yet she remains out of reach. Many follow her to the deepest darkest depths of her ocean. And there they remain, her most precious treasures.

Original Sold


(Original Size: 80″x36″)

Passionate, Controlling, Dark

To steer his mind away from the dark and twisted thoughts that plague him every day Jason immerses himself into his passions. Everything he does he brings to a whole new lever of perfection. Everything is meticulously organized to achieve the optimum result. Heaven forbid you get in Jason’s way or fail to meet his expectations for that is when the dark thoughts begin to materialize…


(Original Size: 84″x36″)

Effortless, Charming, Feisty

Whether she has just rolled out of bed or is all dolled up in a cocktail dress Josie is always beautiful. She is one of those people who just float through life – everything just falling into place easily and naturally. Careful not to cross her though! She has equally effortlessly destroyed the ego and success of many who have stood in her way.

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